Are Ebay phishers getting worse?

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    Just thought that I would share this with everyone here :cool:

    Anyway, I had an auction going and it said specifically that I only ship within the USA (my dropshipper only ships in the US). Now of course even though I put that in my description and shipping info there are bound to be some dumbass' from Canada asking if I ship there :confused: (makes me wonder if they even know how to read).

    Well as I logged in the next day I found that a Canadian had bought my product :smashfrea. Well I felt like being nice and found another dropshipper to ship the item off to him, but these were the responses I got after sending the invoice:

    Message #1:

    Dear Valuable Customer.

    We are to let you know that the payment made by our client (XXXXXXXXX XXXXXXX), for your item is confirmed and it has been deducted from the buyer's account which will be credited into your account as soon as you provide us with the shipment information.
    We give you just 48 hours to do so or else your account may not be credited for the transaction.
    We have received the money which is pending in our database and we will like you to provide us with the following information as requested by PayPal for verification to protect their customers from fraudulent business transactions.

    Kindly make the shipment progress within 48 hours in order to release the money into your account for the transaction as we can not accommodate any form of misappropriations and we have a reputation to protect and do all that is possible to
    increase our business relationship with the international PayPal,

    As soon as you notify us about the package shipping status, we shall
    deposit the said amount into your account immediately.
    The address you are requested to ship the item to has been confirmed by us.

    This is as a result of new safety measures that has just been adopted by us to safeguard all our customers against any internet act.

    Thank you for using PayPal online services,

    The image

    PayPal Team.

    Message #2:

    Dear Seller,
    I just want to inform you that i have made the payment for you through (PayPal),As soon as you receive confirmation notification of my payment approved from (PayPal),Kindly ship the item out through USPS GLOBAL EXPRESS MAIL SERVICE (EMS/SPEED POST) and get back to me with all the shipment details and also send all the shipment details to the (PayPal) in order for them to verify the shipment and to finish the transaction with you asap and i am assure you 100% assurance and protection against your money.............Hope to hear back from you.

    And here is the shipping address of my Grandson:

    Name: Micheal Olufemi
    Address: # 7 Sanda Street Molete
    City: Ibadan
    State: Oyo State
    Postal Code: 23402
    Country: NIGERIA
    Phone Number: +2348056150437


    Message #3:

    Dear Valuable Customer,

    This is a Legal Action email for the eBay item being bought from you by your buyer using PayPal. The Payment has been made and confirmed by us and we have contacted eBay Inc informing them about the action we are about to take. If you fail to get the item sent and send the details number to us within 24 hours your PayPal account will be Deactivated and you will loose all the money you have in your PayPal Account also your eBay Account will be suspended and this means that you will not be able to buy and sell in eBay.

    Legal Action Notice

    This action starts as soon as this email is been sent out by us and we want you to know that all we are doing is to make a secure transaction and protect the seller and buyer from scam as eBay knows that PayPal Is a secure online payment for online transactions.

    Thank you for using PayPal online services,
    The PayPal Team...

    Now after recieving the first paypal email I thought to myself is this kid a dumbass or what? I then checked the headers right away and to my suprise he actually sent this via his gmail account which then forwarded the message through an "" account. :rolleyes:

    His personal message was just idiotic as who in their right mind would send a high cost electronic item to Nigeria when your account states your in Canada lol :)

    The next paypal email was sent less then 12 hours after his first one, which then made his 48 hour statement a joke.

    An here comes the best part :) I sent this report to ebay 2 days ago and still no word from them about the account being hacked and my funds being replenished :p

    Anyway, my question is:

    Has the quality of ebay phishers really stooped down this low?
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    I honestly never thought that eBay email phishing was ever that great. Maybe you just think the "quality" has stooped low because you're more knowledgeable of it now? Either way, these guys always make huge mistakes which allow you to see they're not from eBay in the first place. For example:
    This guy doesn't even know how to write a sentence correctly and there are plenty of spelling errors. Ebay obviously isn't going to hire people with 3rd grader writing skills :p.