Are affiliate networks able to track my email trafic?

Discussion in 'Affiliate Programs' started by lisadosey, Aug 26, 2016.

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    I'm making a lot of money on a affiliate program I applied to which does not allow email marketing. I use email marketing anyways because that's where I get all my conversions. The trafic goes like this:

    Email -> private urlshortener -> googles urlshortener ->page 1 on my website -> page 2 on my website ->affiliate program.

    The people I email to never see my actual website and do not know the email has anything to do with it. Do you think the affiliate program can track this? If they find out I will get banned and loose a lot of money...
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    i think the Affiliate network can track the last node "page 2 on your website" , what if they visit the page 2, does it redirect automatically to the affiliate link?
    promoting affiliate offers through email is risky to both the sender and Affiliate Network,, the imp part is if you are generating alot of revenue for the network, they shouldnt bother with the traffic unless they get a serious spam complaint from your recipient.

    I have been doing the same but i prefer Direct Affiliates rather than Network and it help us both to track recipient activity and take actions quickly i.e removing him/her from the list or supress the email so he/she will not receive further email from me.

    The people who you are mailing to, can track where these emails are coming from, if you are sending through a dedicated server they can check email header for the source where these emails are generated from, if you are using a Proxy Mailing kind of thing then they can only report you as SPAM and thats it...

    in case of dedicated server there are usually "N" number of abuse reports are set by the ISP if you hit the N you can loose your Account although they usually warn you and block port 25 before terminate your account if you aren't able to justify the reason for Spamming....

    Keep sending and make money.....

    GoodLuck :D
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    Kingoo - Man nice message !!!!
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    of course they will be able to track it... Email conversions and traffic are very specific and it's easy to figure out it's email traffic just by looking at the stats.... Maybe you can try to hide it but it's risky, you play, maybe you loose ;-)