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    Ok, so im a newb and ive looked through many of the strategies on BHW.

    In a jist i see there as three possible catagories of strategies for MMO.

    1. Strategies that dont require a website
    These include the likes of yahoo answers affilliate link posting, CL posting strategies, ebay etc.

    2. Strategies that require a website and rely on organic traffic
    This is generally the cliche create a niche site/blog, do keyword research, create a squidoo lens, do article marketing kinda stuff. Heaps of information on here on how to do that.

    3. Strategies that require a website an rely on paid traffic
    These strategies would rely on creating a site and using some type of marketing (CPC,CPM etc) to drive traffic to the site. I honestly dont see much on here about this. Are there any systems that use these strategies.

    The only system ive seen mentioned on here that depends on paid traffic is adsense arbing, and this completely is against adsense TOS.

    So are there any paid traffic strategies out there? As far as I can see this is the way to go, as you dont give a damn about SEO. You would save so much time.

    Possible ideas would include:
    -Creating a site to promote someone elses ebook, and using CPC to drive traffic
    -Creating a review site and using CPC to drive traffic
    -Sending cheap paid traffic to a site and monetising with CPM

    There really does seem to be any established techniques for doing this. If there are can someone point me there.