Appsumo and Lemlist LTD Fact


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Jul 4, 2013
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Hello there,

I simply thought I'd share this with you all. To purchase LTD for various applications, I always seek a decent bargain on appsumo and other markets. I bought Lemlist LTD when it initially became available a few years ago. It was an excellent deal. I've been using it for a long time with no problems. Two weeks ago, I realized my account had been downgraded to the free level, and the appsumo code has vanished. When I contacted support, they informed me that the account lacked an appsumo code. I'll have to give them the redemption code again. Unfortunately, I did not keep it because I will always get it through my Appsumo account. So, when I entered into my Appsumo account and looked at my purchase history, I found no information regarding lemlist. Except for Lemlist, I have all of the other purchase lists on my account. I checked my email to see whether I had received the purchase receipt, but I had erased it. It was a long time ago, so I cleared my inbox.

I emailed Appsumo support two weeks ago and have yet to hear back. Lemlist support is also non-responsive. I suppose this is how it is now. Launch a SAAS business using Appsumo, grow the market under the name LTD, and then delete everything a few years later. It's difficult to imagine that Appsumo also erased my purchase history from my account.

So long story short, if you buy anything from Appsumo or other markets, always save your email receipt.

Thank you.