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APPs to Earn Money From

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by keenmobi, May 25, 2017.

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    Mar 24, 2017
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    In the mobile industry, there are a sufficient number of applications in which users can earn real money by running a hotel. In this post, I will talk about all the examples of such applications known to me. I'll try to collect information on them for adding to the post.

    The purposes of this post:

    • Overview of this category of applications (mobile motivators, applications for earning on your smartphone - whatever you like);

    • Identification of industries and applications in which they are most successful.

    After reading this post:

    • Developers (mobile applications of this category) can learn from the experience of their colleagues to develop useful applications based on business models that are effect

    • Users will make conclusions about which applications can help them in making profits and losses in the generation of profits or losses.

    Mobile Applications For Smartphones On The Example Of "Tapporo (Make Money)"

    “After paying more than $500,000 on Web — we go Mobile!”

    -This description begins in application on Google Play. The list of partners confirm the confidence: Google, Amazon, PayPal, Facebook, Minecraft, Hulu and others. Here you need not just watch ads, you can ask to install a specific game with the addition of a response to its page in the store, or maybe the watched videos on YouTube. For the invitation of a friend, you can earn up to $ 0.6.

    There are many other applications: you are paid for advertising, for the application. As the main way of earning when installing mobile applications, for which the user receives from $ 0.01 (per installation) to $ 1 (for more complex actions). Payments are made within an hour, immediately after the task is completed. Tasks can be received, both in SMS and in letters on e-mail. To my surprise, their applications could not be found in the App Store, on Google Play, on Google Play, on Google Play, or on Google Play.

    Mobile Applications For Secret Buyers And Freelancers "Millionagents"

    An application for those who would like to work as a freelancer for a large company. You are given tasks for which you receive real money, which you can withdraw using: QIWI, WebMoney, or put on your mobile phone account. Options of tasks: find in the store a certain product, specify its price and make several photos; Collect basic information (address, opening hours, etc.) about the stores closest to you; Check the quality of work of promoters; Conduct a survey or survey. There are also contests and opinion polls, participation in which promises various dividends.

    There are other similar applications:

    • for residents of France - TopChrétien.

    • for US residents - Gigwalk, Common Cents Deals, Best Deals, Field Agent, Easy Shift.

    Mobile Applications For Respondents Of Market Research On The Example Of "Google Opinion Rewards"

    For all US residents, Google offers to pass a quiz for money that will be transferred to a user's account on Google Play. Before this, of course, you will have to tell a little about yourself in the questionnaire, as well as take a test poll. In addition, you will need an account in Google Wallet. A limited number of polls are given per week, and you can spend the money you have to buy apps on Google Play.

    Mobile Applications For Sports Fans On The Example Of "ESPN Streak For The Cash"

    One of the world's largest sports cable channels offers its viewers to earn on forecasts, annually playing a prize fund of $ 1.2 million among users of this mobile application.
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