Appreciate some tips on building up my ecommerce-store!

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    Hello community,

    im planning my own ecommerce store. Im selling car manuals. Following questions:

    What software should i use? What are the smartest investments, when selling car manuals? Investing in SEO? In Ads? In special related sites? Are there any great sites, which are usable as template-sites?

    I will give a thank you to all posts as i appreciate all inputs on how to build a fucking good manual-site :)

    best regards
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    I do design+development for ecommerce and have seen/know the following:

    Choice of cart: Do not use free carts! Zencart and OSCommerce are old and outdated. You save a little money now but will cost yourself hundreds or even thousands later. Magento is slow, cumbersome and just bloated. Its free, but you'll be spending hundreds on pre-made mods and then thousands for anything custom. Go with X-cart or PinnacleCart. X-cart is only ~$80 (you can buy used licenses) and the skins are easily modified. No need to go into the PHP to modify the look! Plenty of mods, and all the companies doing mods are extremely knowledgeable. Forums are insanely helpful.
    An alternative to X-cart is Pinnacle Cart. You can get an owned licensed or hosted license.

    SEO: Absolutely required. The first thing you want to do is have the cart in root directory. You'll also want to use SEO friendly urls (ex: OR ) If you don't then you're just trying to run the site into the ground. You should also optimize the templates for SEO. This can be done by changing the amount of code to get to the content, adding in header tags if needed, using CDNs for jquery and other libraries, google adsense and all that.

    Ads on site: Definitely. Advertise any sales or discounts!

    Other: For car manuals, I would suggest seperating them into brands, then car type, then year. It'll make user experience alot better. You'll also want a one page checkout. This generally increases conversion ~30%. If you want to branch into other things then you could use a mailing list and integrate with mailchimp/amazon SES but the same person probably won't be back to your site for a long time.
    Consider having a support system in place that is ticket based. It helps customers and improves satisfaction. If you have alot of free time, then do live support as well. Anything that makes you look more professional and helpful the better the conversions will be.
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    go for magento.
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    Hi, Consider a URL that contains the words "car manuals", then have a category folder for each make of car, then the next level for Model of car.

    A URL could look something like -

    This will help keep your URLs tidy and pick help ranking for numerous terms.
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    Joomla with virtuemart, very easy to maintain and fix.
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