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    A rather long guide I wrote about twitter on my blog:
    - it's not super duper unique or anything, but I am using it to make some profits on twitter (not thousands though... yet)

    If it sounds like it was written for a blog, that's because it was, live links can be seen... on my blog at the original post. Since affiliate links aren't allowed, just google the websites I include, haha :D. Hopefully the guide helps some people out :D

    if it does help you, feel free to RT the post, haha ;) or do nothing, that's fine too.


    Ok, it seems like I?ve been finding more and more ways to make money on twitter. Or atleast, different affiliate programs that can all be promoted in similar ways. So I?m creating this post as a template for the way that you could use to promote affiliate programs I announce on the blog. If this is a good way to promote that specific affiliate program (e.g. cashcrate, twtad) then I will let you know!

    So far the programs I?ve deemed easiest to promote with twitter are (in order):

    1. twtad - I?ve earned the most with this affiliate program, it?s pretty sick. %20 bonus on all of your referrals income, plus $ per click on whatever ads you post.
    2. cashcrate - I?ve earned a bit with cashcrate as well, I?ve posted my guide at
    3. MoreNiche - I haven?t talked about this program too much, but you get paid $20 just for referring an active affiliate, and they are very newbie friendly!

    Alright, Here is my template for making money with Twitter (It?s basically just how to get lots of followers).


    Step 1: Create a new account on Twitter, or use an old one it doesn?t really matter. Then add a picture/bio/homepage link and etc? Make it look like your a real twitter?er. It wouldn?t hurt if you actually were a real twitter?er, haha.

    Step 2: Make some twitter updates, for example ?getting used to twitter? ?new to this? ?looking to make money online?. Try using some key terms because then other people using twitter search will come upon your profile and hopefully follow you. You are going to be referring people to programs used to make money with twitter? so tweet about that, without including a link in every single one of your tweets :\.

    Step 3: Choose your affiliate program, well.. you probably should?ve chosen this before (and made your profile revolve around that affiliate program) but you could choose one now too. I sort of assumed that you would just be promoting affiliate referral programs, but you could go into different niches and actually advertise products as well. Once you?ve chosen your niche/affiliate program, make some niche tweets (similar to step 2).

    Step 4: Signup for Tweetlater, which you will use to automatically direct message anybody who follows you. This way, you will be able to earn money on autopilot (so-to-speak). When you sign up, add your twitter account *(you can add several) and setup your auto DM?er (direct messenger). Make it say something like ?want to make money with twitter? Check out where would be replaced with your affiliate link.

    Step 5: Now you have a few options for getting new followers, I will list them in order of least time effective, to most time effective.

    a) Let people naturally follow you by twittering about things that are relevant to their interests. Follow people who actually interest you, or people that you know and use twitter the way it?s meant to be used.
    b) Buy Dennyboy?s mass automation software, or find some other twitter software and search/follow users based on key terms you input into the software.
    c) Go to, sign in with your twitter account. Choose ?mass follow? and input the id of a popular internet marketing twitter?er like ?shoemoney?. Then proceed to follow all the people who are following him by clicking ?check all? and ?follow? page by page (in hundreds). An awesome free tool created by a (I assume) like-minded twitter marketer, for twitter marketers.

    Step 6: Sometimes it?s a good idea to have your most recent twitter update be a link to your affiliate program. Of course it changes with each affiliate program. If you are promoted a cpc program like twtad, go ahead and leave that as your most recent update while following people. But, if you are trying to sell/get someone to sign up for something, I would wait for them to follow you and receive your direct message to give them a link. I?m still experimenting so I don?t know too much about that yet.

    Step 7: Connect with your followers, thank the people that @reply to your posts, and chat with people through direct message. When you know your twitter followers on a bit more of a personal level then usual, they are much more likely to become your affiliate referrals, although you could make money without every personally talking to any of them :D.

    Step 8: The pruning of your twitter friends is pretty important, at least it is until you reach that 2000 follower check point. Until then you can only follow up to 2,001 people, so you need to get rid of the people who never follow you back (unless you really like their tweets or something). This is easy to do manually, or with a tool of automation. Being a bit of a blackhatter myself I seem to prefer the more automated way.

    Go to and log in with your twitter account again. Click on ?Following only?. Check all and remove all of the people that aren?t following you back (once again, page by page in batches of 100s). They don?t deserve your devotion to their twitter updates anyways.

    Step 9: Continue to socialize with your twitter followers, follow new people, and prune your following list. Then, continue to do the same thing with the 100 other twitter accounts I know you were already planning to create. Try out the newest affiliate programs to make money with twitter, we can?t all advertise the same thing, because there will be nobody fresh in the market! The biggest affiliate programs will spread fast, be original, maybe even make your own affiliate programs!

    How cool would it be to own your own twtad sort of website, and pay people per click on surveys and ads? I want one :D.
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    great guide :)
    im looking foward to trying it out.
    thanks! :)
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    great stuff man gonna give it a spin soon
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    Glad you like it, and just an update

    there has been some controvery with paying out, so I dunno if you want to start out promoting that, I was never paid by them, and did notice lots of shaving. My cashcrate earnings surpassed the twtad earnings today.

    (earnings still pretty low too, but I'm pretty sure the method could rake in lots of cash...)
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    Classic twitter method. Works as well now as it ever did.

    Get some proxies and tweetadder and socialoomph welcome messenger and you can seriously make some bank.

    I started doing this and continue to use it today.

    blackma :)
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    Milk Man
    The DM method is the best.. Once they follow you, send them a message:

    Yo thanks for following.. Here is a free gift for following CPA Link

    You could even build a list.
    Once they follow you send em a DM.

    thanks for following.. get a free book on how to make money on twitter.. w/e
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    How much do you make around daily and how long did it take you?