apple harsh on its own resellers

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    just read this elsewhere

    The disappearance of Apple-related advertisements from Google's AdWords service has Australian resellers fearing online sales leads will evaporate as Apple strengthens its own local retail presence and clamps down on other companies using its trademarks.

    David Macintosh, of Ultimo, Sydney based Apple reseller MacToFront, raised the alarm after noticing that sponsored links incorporating Apple terms no longer display any results on Google search pages ? except for links to Apple's own sites. Macintosh was subsequently informed by Google that three more of MacToFront's ads have been suspended "pending revision". The suspended ads read:

    Discount Macs
    Lowest prices on Apple computers
    Fast delivery, Australia wide!

    Sydney Apple Reseller
    Lowest prices on Apple computers
    Fast delivery, Australia wide!

    Online Mac Sales
    Lowest prices on Apple computers
    Fast delivery, Australia wide!

    Google's e-mail requested that MacToFront remove the words "Apple" and "Mac" from its ads ? a request that has Macintosh wondering how he's supposed to sell Apple products.

    "Last time I looked, I was an Apple Authorised Reseller," he argues, "and hence should be able to promote their wares ? which includes their logo and trademarks. It seems that I am now restricted to using generic terms such as 'laptops', 'desktops' and 'MP4 players'."

    "How is an Apple Authorised Reseller to harness the power of the internet to allow people to find an alternative," he continues, calling the move "the next nail in the coffin for independent Apple resellers now that Apple now has a US retail presence in Australia."

    Google Australia spokesperson Rob Shilkin confirmed the company does have procedures in place by which trademark holders can block other companies from using their trademarks in AdWords.

    "Australian businesses can have their trademarked terms monitored by Google by submitting a trademark complaint for investigation," Shilkin explained. "As soon as a complaint is made, we investigate quickly and can then stop use of that trademark as a keyword or as text in the ad going forward." (more information on the process is available here).

    Apple and Mac aren't the only keywords affected: Australian Macworld investigations confirmed that a Google search on 'ipod' produced no advertising links except a link to the Official iPod Store. MacToFront's name did still appear atop the list of ads that appeared during searches for 'nano' and 'time capsule'. A search for 'Leopard' returned no advertising, while 'Mac OS X' returned just one Mac support job-related link.

    Macintosh isn't the only reseller noticing a change in Apple's relationship with Google. Another reseller, who asked not to be named, said he had begun advertising with AdWords in the past few months but noticed recently that the company's price per AdWords clickthrough had gone up from $0.80 per click to $13.50.

    "We are an Apple reseller but our key focus is on the support side of things, and in particular the iPhone," he said. "Because we operate in a fairly niche area, Yellow isn't really going to do anything for us ? and we though that Google might. We'd like to be able to put 'iPhone' in our ads as it's key to our business, but we can't. Paying $13.50 per click is just pathetic, especially when you don't even know if it's not just someone stuffing around."

    Apple Australia did not respond to requests for comment.
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    I don't know about their Price per click going from .80 to 13.50... That's honestly a huge increase. and even if your ads sucked and your quality score sucked... I think that's a bit much personally.