appearing like you are in another country

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    Feb 1, 2009
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    hi guys ,i apologise for my inexperience with this problem (probably a lot of you already know how to do this) and for your waist of time with such lame problems but here it is:
    i am italian born but now live in the usa ,and sometimes i would like to watch italian shows live on the italian site rai(wich is an italian tv channel)but i can only watch prerecorded stuff because when i try to watch live streaming it tells me that the live programming is reserved for people living in italy and it won't play! my question are:
    #1 how the fuck they know where i am?
    #2 is there any way i can make it appear that i am in italy?

    info:i am on a dsl line and i connect with a router
    win xpsp2
    tanks for any info :confused:
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    Dec 19, 2008
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    hi, since you are a member of bhw community, that sounds like you are doing an online money making stuff,, i suggest use an Italian proxy or socks in your firefox and you should be able to watch live streaming. but take note, using public proxies or socks may slow down your browsing experience, the better way is to use an ssh, if you have a web host account from an italian web hosting provider ;)