App Promotion Strategy for beginners

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    On Google Play, mobile apps for Android devices are placed. This area is the most common, and, consequently, the potential audience of users is great, pleasing your audience that you can bring significant benefits.

    Stages Of Creation

    How to start developing mobile applications? The main thing is an idea, it must be unique. A creative idea for a mobile application is the key to success. It is not necessary to choose popular categories. So, in games the most popular direction were arcades, but the search for Pokemon introduced a new popular category "Augmented Reality".

    At the design stage, it's time to think about further progress. If you plan to promote it in the global market, think about localizing the application. You must use English or a language selection function.

    Further, placing the application on the service, you should adhere the ranking rules (take into account the recommendations for ASO for applications). The best indicators will be if you use keywords. For an optimal description of the application in Google Play, use the short form and advanced features. The abbreviated version contains 80 characters. Interest the user, since not everyone will go into the full description.

    Logo very important element, having high quality logo guarantee that user will be motivated to download your App.. There are different requirements for its design:

    • It must be unique and memorable.

    • Do not contain too detailed information. On the mobile screen it will not be visible, and the icon itself will look incomprehensible.

    • Use 2 primary colors for registration.

    The effectiveness of mobile app promotion methods

    The Success Of The Application Requires A High Rating.

    The number of downloads and reviews influence this indicator most of all.

    Methods Of Promotion:

    • Contextual advertising in Google is effective in that it covers a broad target audience. However, it is necessary to expect that the effect it brings is not fast, but long and stable.

    • Interest in the app increases reviews. For this you can order a paid option from advanced bloggers or write a letter-appeal. In the message, try to communicate the information succinctly and briefly, indicating the main differences, advantages and reference. Do not forget to thank for your time. The optimal length of the "message" is up to 1000 characters, over the message it risks to remain unread.

    • Using external links for promotion outside the store. Links in this case it is better to make out with the description of the application, and not just with the indication "download here". Chip: for tracking referrals and analytics, it's important to connect Google Analytic or a similar service. Then you will see which sources bring more audience and you can make a strong emphasis on them.

    • Paid installation services where you pay a fee for the number of downloads. This strategy for promoting a mobile application is relevant at the initial stage, since it allows you to score an initial rating.

    • An increase in the number of reviews is possible for a fee. Also, you can add an item in the application itself, where at a high evaluation the user will be asked to go to write a review in the market.

    • Create satellite applications. These are those that do not directly compete with yours and can contain a link or information. Thanks to this method you get an additional audience. The peculiarity of this method is that it also needs to promote the satellite application.

    Progress is good, having at least a small budget, as these methods bring a speedy result. However, free methods are also effective, but require more time for implementation.
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