Apex1 Journey - Lets see what consistency and tenacity brings...


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May 29, 2015
I'm starting this journey to log my progress using the meathead method...

My goal is not a dollar amount per week or month...

Instead I'll have a goal which is progress based...

For now my goal is to make 50 promotional posts and upload 5 youtube videos every day. This may increase or decrease based on my schedule. I'll update this thread daily with stats from Toggl (time worked), # of promo posts made, # of vids uploaded, earnings etc...

I already have a really nice homepage created to pre-sell products (review style), and a few side pages as well.

My site is ready to start making sales...

Lets see what consistency and tenacity brings...

Tracked 9 hours and 45 minutes of work time today.

I got about 20-30 posts done but most of them were just to build up my accounts a bit. I discovered it's a pain in the ass to track the amount of posts I make so for now I'll drop it til I figure a solution.

I think I came up with a good idea for video creation. I scraped a whole shitload of keywords from my niche (muscle) and plugged them into google keyword tool. Then I sorted by price, I figure the high cost keywords are the ones that turn a good ROI so I'll be targeting those (handpicked the best high cost keywords).

I'm not very good at video SEO, so I'll mainly be focusing on putting out volume. I can make pretty good videos in like 5-10 minutes each.

Tasks completed:

Fixed some issues on landing page / made my affiliate links live
Setup BuzzBundle campaign
Made some promotional posts
Prepared loads of content I can use for videos

Tools I'll be using for this journey:

Toggl Desktop (time tracker)
Todoist (best to do list program)
Procrastitracker (logs everything I do on my computer so I can fix time sinks)
BuzzBundle (for promoting my site)
ProShow Producer (for making videos)
StayFocusd (chrome app blocks time wasting websites)

Nice. Journey threads that stay alive are rare... I know you'll follow through... ;)

Ohhh I will mouahah it's a very serious mission :D
Quick Update:

My schedule got a bit messed up today, only managed to get like 4 hours of work in.

I got about 150 new stock images and a bunch of custom CTA slides I made in photoshop I'll be using for videos.

Noticed I got some good backlinks that passed moderation from yesterday.

Tomorrow I'll be setting up tracking and doing a lot more promotional work.

I'm not sure if I should update everyday or if I should only update every few days with traffic and sales statistics. If I don't update for a day or two, don't worry, the journey is still going!

I've gotten 5 original templates completed for mass video production.

Here's my process to pump out unique videos:

1) Create template videos (done)

2) Use 'remix' feature in Pro-show to completely move around all the slides and captions, change stock music file

3) Render

This way it takes exactly 8 minutes to put out a unique video.. and I'm simply doing other tasks while waiting for it to render.


My process for choosing keywords for my videos is:

1) keyword research - find lots of good general keywords in my niche (muscle)

2) plug keywords into google keyword tool

3) find most expensive keywords - hand pick the best ones

4) find longtail variations of the best expensive keywords and target those with videos


I took yesterday off, but tonight I'll be uploading 4 new videos to youtube and posting shitloads of new links.
Quick update...

The products I chose to promote were supplements that paid anywhere from $40-200+ commission per order.

I've decided to pivot off my original gameplan and move onto promoting a really awesome clickbank offer.

The landing page is done, it's very simple and clean. It's not a review style page its more of a short pre-sale hype page (made with bootstrap).

I'll be running split tests with CPVLab to see if direct linking works better than my landing page. Eventually I'll rotate some new ones in.. but for now I'm focusing 100% on traffic generation.

I'm much more confident in this offer and niche.

Sales will be coming soon.
Pulled an all nighter..

First sale is in.. (*edited out the sale amount to keep my offer hidden)

Now I'm working on scaling.. I'll post screenshots once I have multiple sales.
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Good luck with your journey, it's good that you keep track and your persistence might help others as well, keep it up ;)
Congrats on your first sale! Are you sending BuzzBundle traffic to a landing page, or a review article page?
Congrats on your first sale! Are you sending BuzzBundle traffic to a landing page, or a review article page?

Thanks my friend :) I'm not using BuzzBundle at the moment, I was originally, but I changed up my gameplan a bit.

Right now I'm only using forums, and making a few blog posts here and there if the blog looks popular. I'm promoting a relatively low payout offer, and instead of doing a review page I have a bridge page to create hype. With low payout offers you don't necessarily need a review page.

I'm using this method to find a massive number of high traffic forums to post on
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NEW GOAL: 12 Sales per day from this offer

Hit 3 today so far.. going to try and make it to 8 by midnight (3 hours from now).

Got 1 more sale since my last post, so 4 total today, 5 since I started the journey.

I think I could have hit my goal but I wasted 2 hours testing news site comments. I was getting way more traffic than my forum posting, but I didn't get any sales or even many hops out of it.

So I'll be sticking with forum posts only for a while.

Funny enough I've been testing some more risky forum posting methods, and they are sticking and passing moderation lol. I don't think I've had 1 thread removed yet.


Those 5 sales are a result of 11 forum posts.

Quality > quantity.
Just a quick update, things are still going very well.

I'll be away from BHW for 1-2 weeks while I focus 100% on generating the most possible profit.

Will update when I return.
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