Anyone with one page sites (or thin content sites) that were affected by panda

Zombie Pop

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Dec 18, 2013
Just a quick question. If you had a one page website, or thin content website that was affected by panda updates, are the pages or sites still indexed and just pushed back in the serps, or are they deindexed?

If deindexed for keywords are they totally deindexed, or do they still rank for the domain name?

I had a local site that I wanted to try ranking. It was 1 page with basically duplicate content from another site that was on first page. The site got hit, but was/is still indexed.
I got hit by thin content penalty my multiniche site like 20 pages all of them some of them had 200 words text some 500 all penalized. But not deindexed only deranked for 50 spots all keywords.
awesome thank you for the responses. I was thinking about all those one page web 2.0's (etc) out there people make for a link, because I saw some people saying that their sites had been hit that relied on web 2.0's for the most part. My test websites havent been affected but I spend a lot of time on web 2's (i know its stupid bc they can be deleted at will but it's just for testing what works).
confirmed. 1 page site got hit while 20-page still fine, they are using same link source.
Your pages will still be indexed. However, they will not rank for the relevant keywords they are targeting
I have a 5 page site that went up in rankings when Panda 4 rolled out, then returned to normal about a week later.
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