Anyone with a gaming type site?

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    Just looking for people to that want to create a blog with my site, you can create as many as you like. I Have the domain mapping plugin installed so you can use your own domain, but idk if it works are not.

    It' don't necessarily have to be about "video games" but i don't want spam and i want to keep it nice a tidy. You must be an active member, i don't wont anyone to make one post and never come back

    No casinos
    No handbags
    No warez

    if i feel that it's "too spammy" i will delete your blog and that's that.

    If your blog is about games, like gaming news/reviews etc.. i feel like you're contributing like you should, i will put you on the front page snippits of your posts on the front page and when someone clicks on read more, it will take that user to your blog.

    Let me know what plugins you guys want but remember that i'm not installing nulled plugins.

    Let me know and i will pm you the url.
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