anyone watching egypt vs usa tonight??

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    so far brazil is in the semi finals
    the usa wont qualify now nomatter what
    and egypt and italy are fighting for the second slot.

    damn man, egypt lost 4-3 to brazil only cause of a penalty in the 90th minute.
    brazil should be ashamed..
    egypt beat the world champs italy 1-0. :yield:
    and now it has a chance to qualify for the semi finals of the confederations cup.

    if italy loses the match against brazil tonight (more than likely), and egypt pulls off a win or draw against the us (easy, when taking into consideration their recent performance)

    im kinda torn, im not egyptian but ive got a lot of life long friends from there so i really hope egypt wins tonight, not american either but i do live here and i really dont want the usa to go out with 3 losses (ouch)

    what do you guys think about this whole ordeal?

    and even if egypt wins tonight.. after facing brazil, italy and the usa... it has to go up against spain, and if it makes it back to brazil for the final!! talk about unlucky
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