anyone want to explain to me how to get my src code and content for my website to my site?

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    i have the src code for my site.
    i just need to know how to get my content (background) and everything else that ive made to decorate my site on to my host/domain.
    I use Host gator, for hosting, and Go daddy, for my domain (after researching go daddy i will never go through them again for my domains due to sopa and their gayness)
    Ive googled around and been searching quite a bit , but still can't really understand how, to get my stuff to my website domain. ive gathered that i need some type of FTP program first as a medium, to get this stuff on my site?

    im a complete newb but i am taking action, just think back when you were a newb you had many questions.

    so todays my day off and i want to be able to get this site up and running so i can start my method....

    thanks for any help.

    (i use mac)
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    Start by grabbing your FTP info from HostGator, and downloading a client to login with.

    I'd use Filezilla on Windows or Cyberduck on Mac.

    Then you just have to connect via FTP and drop your files into the www folder.

    That's the simple explanation anyway.

    Dug up a Hostgator FTP tutorial:
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