Anyone wanna swap SB AA lists/high pr AA lists?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO Tools' started by Ranko Jones, Jun 24, 2011.

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    Mar 3, 2011
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    If so give me a PM. Someone suggested it to me recently which made me think it'd be a good idea.

    I have 160k which are definitely AA approved as I paid for them and have checked them after.

    I have another 400k + which I haven't done link checks on however I noticed immediate serp jumps while leaving the blast running continuing for the days after. I have done the legit method of leeching from other AA blogs link extractor backlink checker etc. just haven't got around to checking them as it usually saps my proxies before it completes.

    Let me know if interested in reply/pm.

    Actually I want some high PR AA blogs more atm so I will swap some AA for some high PR AA blogs; doesn't have to be really high PR but high enough for quick indexing.
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