Anyone using Seo Spyglass?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO Tools' started by wahidpolin, Sep 9, 2011.

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    I am using the free version ryt now,it shows only 1100 links with the free version.Lets say if yahoo shows that a site has 5k backlink,will the pro version be able to show all the links,as yahoo has 1000 link limitation?
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    I think it will get the backlink using other search engines. YSE will give you 1000 links max....
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    SEO spyglass is a cool tool, but it isn't that valuable at all. it just tells you some of the sites your opponents are getting their links from...btw it is easy as hell to find this software for "free";)

    And yahoo does have a limitation. You will be surprised with SEO spyglass shows! Alexa and google only make public unique site links, while spyglass get ALL of them, this can mean a site with like 50 links in Alexa has a thousand on spyglass.
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    Firstly, SEO SpyGlass does not rely exclusively on Yahoo Site Explorer to find backlinks - there are 411 other sources including a nice info-rich Blekko.

    As you know neither site explorer nor any SE for that matter will never give you a full amount of backlinks, only a small snapshot ranging around 1000. This is one sole reason why it is good to use tools that rely on more than just one backlink source.

    What seo spyglass also does is it rotates user agents, thereby getting more backlinks out of site explorer seemingly for another person but really just for you. Plus using an API key SpyGlass gives you additional, historic backlink data, plus SEO spyglass runs several queries to get an extra set of backlinks...

    Those who wonder about duplicate backlinks, SEO SpyGlass can remove them automatically.

    I shared more info and tips on SEO SpyGlass here:
    http :// www . . html