Anyone used ViperChill Video Course? I'm stuck on the last part.

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by NufcOnline, Apr 13, 2013.

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    Aug 12, 2012
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    I've been going through the course gradually, as a beginner it's brilliant for me.

    I've just begun building my E-mail list.

    In the 'Content' video he explains a strategy where you send out 24 E-mails wherby you sell 3 products during different stages from those E-mails.

    The problem is he makes it clear you must pick 1 topic to write about and stick to it.

    My problem is my site is '' which isn't specific to one particular topic. My squeeze page offers increased self esteem, motivation, help building your ideal physique etc. It's very broad.

    My point is I'm not sure how can I suddenly start writing 24 meals on building muscle/1 topic. Doesn't that contradict my domain name and reasons for signing up?

    I'm also not too sure I could write so many E-mails on one particular topic.

    Advice welcomed.

    Cheers Joe
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    Sep 7, 2013
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    Hey Nufc, I won't lie, I'm definitely nowhere near as smart/creative as even the bottom 1% of members on here, but I'm kinda just like you although worse... I just can't fathom how these guys can build a site, bring in organic traffic, write articles and profit. I must seriously be missing something, over-thinking it or something.

    I just got done reading an article about niche blogging making $100/day and the first thing I say to myself is "Do THAT many people click on adsense ads?" (considering I can't find ANY CPM-based ads that take brand new sites/blog), "Just how many fresh articles can I write on niche X?" and I ask that based on not knowing just how "unique" content has to be in order for google to deem it "fresh" and it just doesn't add up to me.

    So, let's use you as the example, granted (and maybe this is my ultimate problem) I'm not looking (no offense honestly, it's making you money) to make a simple 1-page site just to get emails because (and again, most likely my ultimate problem), I've done email marketing in the past and it seems like the results are so small it's not worth it to me, but for you for example, if the results made it "worth it" to spend ~20 minutes a day sending out email blasts to your list, you could send 2-4 emails a week with "quick tips" and maybe 1-3 products with your "reviews" on them?

    From the limited reading I've done on squeeze pages/email lists (I tend to be the traditionalist in terms of building websites and not email lists) my understanding, and probably wrong, is getting the email is the biggest step, after that you can simply link to articles that you may not have even wrote into emails with some affiliate links to products in them.