Anyone use or used lead net pro for getting or selling leads?

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by thisismymp3, May 22, 2014.

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    anyone use this product? it came down in price, was wondering how it was for getting leads for businesses in specific areas, and how is it for getting leads for people like money making lists etc? probably not so good?

    one negative thing is it is primarily used to contact and telemarket to the mlm crowd and it is just sold and resold by most affiliates who don't even use it, they just resell it, not bad, but what about using it for what it was intended?

    it has built in scrapers to get emails off google ,cl yellow pages for certain keywords

    it also has a telemarketing and voice broadcasting system to send voice recorded telemarketing with live call transfers

    while the neg reviews probably came from people who don't know how to use it or spam to the mlm crowd, a savvy person like me or you can twist it for a lead generating machine

    i also would like to know what are the typical budgets for the voice broadcasting telemarketing calls to the leads.

    thanks guys.