Anyone tried reverse squeeze pages?

Discussion in 'Blogging' started by loveBHseo, Nov 10, 2009.

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    Anyone tried reverse squeeze pages?

    Not sure if this concept goes by another name?

    The concept is to give humans access to minimal pages on your site (can be articles, pages, etc), allowing the SE to pass through for indexing, and force the humans towards a squeeze page for email collection (or anything else you want them to see/buy) before continuing to cruise through your site. You can let them pass through without doing anything or you can force them to do it (email sign up, buy a product, click to see an affiliate, whatever) or leave.

    I think there was a thread here for this concept for videos with the discussion surrounding the autoplay aspect.

    A quick search revealed this site (absolutely no affiliation) h**p:// But, I want something free or a way to do this manually, and not this product.

    I'm looking for the same idea, are there free version of this as a wp plugin or at least something similar on BHW?

    Total Thanks!