Anyone tried Reddit Vote Pro?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by cruddpuppet, Sep 15, 2010.

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    I was thinking of purchasing this. 500 votes should be enough to get me on the front page of right?

    Anyone else tried it? I don't usually purchase anything unless someone has tried it before.
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    Reddit has a very high average level of intelligence in its userbase. They have also had their fair share of "SEO spammer" scandals, one of their own admins was using the site for SEO purposes or something, you can find the full story somewhere else.

    My point is, if you make front page you better have some great content and not look like you're spamming. If you piss them off they'll all downvote you and get another article on the frontpage saying "Everyone downvote xxx he is an SEO spammer" (happens a lot) and you'll likely get reported to your affiliates and other stuff.

    They're a pretty angry bunch of individuals. I wouldn't recommend. Try it anyway though if you're game. If you can manage its a gigantic source of traffic, you'll get like 50k+ UV
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    Almost done :D
    although this was posted back when I wasn't a member I found this via google and I'm keen to explain why you're wrong (great points though).

    reddit does not like spam - if you spam them they will down vote you. The best way to get traffic from botting them is creating articles or things that they like - funny pictures and around that include your CPA stuff.

    For example create a post on how apple is overpriced and you should never purchase their products and include a test and keep CPA Offer. Well that's not genius there but it's a start.

    The best way to get stuff to the front page is to take advantage of the "anger" you speak of.

    This is a good example of manipulation to make them the think that they are actually doing something good out of anger while in reality they are simply promoting the company's product. (In summary that post was botted at first and reddit voters themselves brought it to the front page).
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