Anyone tried Currency Exchange Profits?


Mar 28, 2008
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Hey Guys/Gals,

A show of hands for those who have tried this? htxp://w3.curren*cytra*dingpr*ofits*com

Just wanna find out if anyone tried this? how it works? how much time u spend and whether u made any profits or loss? Is it like forex or buying shares kinda thing?

I'm kinda skeptical on the profits returned and it even mentions being risk free. Think about compounded interest on a daily basis. This could really amount to a huge sum in a few months to come.

Not come from a finance-educated background, i really wouldnt want to risk my 300 on this. So hope someone could share some light on this? Anyone?

ive always wondered about this... not this particular program but actually trading across the exchange rates...

with roots back in the UK and now living over here in the US ive seen the exchange fluctuate massively... in fact im gonna put some ads out for doing web sites in the UK... since pound is much stronger than the dollar right now to us over here it should be a nice little earner...

although i do remember 5-6 years ago or so the market in the uk seemed to be flooded with "ive just read a book on html im a web designer" types charging next to nothing to do 30 page websites...

will see what happens,,,
avoid this program like the bubonic plague.

it's based on a website called dxsynergy (previously known as dxinone and dxgold) that does not even exist anymore. so buying this would be an unmitigated waste of money.

the e-currency exchange system he talks about was actually a cleverly disguised ponzi scheme that some people profitted from, including myself, back in 2004 and 2005. it wasn't forex but involved buying and selling e-currency such as e-gold and int-gold but as I said the site is shut down. try searching "dxsynergy scam" if you want to find out more.

the funny thing aswell is, can you actually tell from the sales letter what the name of the seller is? All there is is an unclear signature - he never gives his name lol. obviously he can't be that proud of the program if he won't put his name to it. anyway, it's Gary Jezorski if ur interested.

sorry to go on so long, just can't believe someone is still trying to sell a program for something that doesn't exist.
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Thanks for sharing the info guys! It sure is useful for newbies like me.

Almost being duped into spending on them. I've just read about it and the ponzi sh*t. Grrr.. No wonder - this thing sounds so good yet so rarely talked about here.

Hope this goes out to all potential recruits before they are being scammed!

Thanks for the info. Although unlike that other site forex exchange is legitimate. They even offer a downloadable practice program with virtual 50k to practice on and learn how things work. I never got back to it, but think I will. I know its $50 to start a trading account.
There must be some way.... To benefit from the "exchange rates". I have a "j.o.b." and get paid in pounds... Sometimes I let it sit in (*insert pay program here*) as pounds til the dollar drops more, then convert it....

DISCLAIMER: This is probably made up, as I do not "work" and do not get "paid". I am a registered voter, and would pay taxes, if I actually DID get "paid". =/ Hate .g.o.v. spying
I haven't tried to profit from currency exchange myself but I did start marketing it Saturday... it's now Monday. I've had 65 clicks and 2 confirmed signups. I can update how my progress goes. Or I can include my affiliate link if someone wants to sign up also (not sure if affiliate links are allowed on the forum).
yeah I used to re-sell the Mazu course on it and it sold well but at that time I thought it was legit. could never sell a course on it now, I can't imagine what it teaches now. if anyone has bought it, would be interesting to know. I'm sure they can't still be teaching dxsynergy but you never know.
Best place to learn how to trade forex and for free is I have my own system I created there called supernova.
that's the thing, this was not forex - if it was then it would be a legit program
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