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Anyone still using this Method- for newbees?

Discussion in 'CPA' started by spider7, Jun 8, 2013.

  1. spider7

    spider7 Regular Member

    Feb 6, 2013
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    Hi Friends,

    I was wondering if anyone is still using the following method. Seems a little off-handed. I saw it posted awhile ago upon doing some research...and didn't know if any CPA offers where still out there offering to pay for these types of leads.

    1. Find a 1 page zip or email submit for a product giveaway. I used an offer for a Sony Bravia TV that pays $1.30
    2. Post an ad on CL in the free section:
    Headline: 40" sony bravia hdtv - cracked screen
    Ad Copy: brand new Sony 40" bravia hdtv. Won in a giveaway and was delivered with cracked screen. Can't afford to fix it. It's going out on the curb. Email for address.
    3. Let the emails responses build up for at least a day or two.
    4. Respond with the following:
    "Sorry for the delay. A lady promised she was going to pick it up tonight. If she flakes and it's still available I'll let you know.

    Seems like a trick just to get email addresses....?

    Why would a CPA affiliate pay for such leads?
  2. PyronixUK

    PyronixUK Newbie

    May 31, 2013
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    Data Mining and consumer profiling

    Take surveys.co.uk

    which is owned by the Data Locator Group

    Which claims to be the UK's largest consumer lifestyle data provider, offers
    effective multi-channel data-driven solutions to meet your direct marketing needs

    Offering the chance to win a free blah + free £5 online voucher for filling
    in a survey

    The free online voucher is free £5 play on a bingo or scratch card site
    where they will make bank on the sign up commission either via 1 time payment
    or Rev share.

    Take scratchmania.com as an example new users get £7 no deposit free play the
    affiliate gets upto $75 CPA for new depositing players or upto 45% rev share

    They also try bank from other affiliate offers as part of the survey like magazine
    subscriptions or text competition and so on.

    Take magazinesubscriptions.co.uk

    they pay upto £6 - $10 a subscription

    The user finally completes the survey they capture as much opt-in data about the
    person as they can for more targeted direct marketing campaigns for other companies Data
    is King.

    You match your prizes to the customer demographics that your trying to profile say new mums
    then you offer gift vouchers for Mothercare etc

    Low income family's people struggling with Food costs you target grocery offers

    young adults you target Free ipad/mobile phone/tech offers

    Take orange in the UK they pay upto £120 -
    for new sign ups - darwin.affiliatewindow.com/merchant-profile/3515

    once you profiled your new parents you the start marketing discount offers new product offers
    etc for kids and baby products.

    Your low income family's data that you have just profiled with grocery vouchers prize you target
    with payday loans debt consolidation or quick credit companies like brighthouse.co.uk

    Your young adults the data you just profiled will contain the renewal date for there mobile contracts ect
    you hit them up with CPA offers for new contracts just before renewal day or offers for
    free laptops with mobile broadband contracts.

    Take Orange UK they pay upto £120 - $185 for new sign ups


    Your $1 - $2 payment just turns in to a $100+ for the survey company
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  3. imperial444

    imperial444 Elite Member

    Jan 13, 2011
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    Full-time IM hero
    You can still do it, but here is a 90% chance that CL will ghost it, flag it or basically reported after you first contact user with link. Not to mention the fact they super strict on links-reply nowadays.