Anyone sold/bought a clickbank vendor account before?

Discussion in 'Clickbank' started by mancar487, Mar 4, 2014.

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    I have been with clickbank for a long time but so far I've always created my own products. Now I have reached an agreement with another vendor who is willing to sell me his account (including everything - website, domain, ebook etc...). Since it is actually my first time buying a clickbank vendor account, I wanted to see whether anyone had experience with this. How is the best way to go about it? I'm thinking flippa/escrow? Should I do it directly with escrow or ask him to list privately on flippa? Or is there a better way?

    Thank you!
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    Why on earth would you have him list on a Flippa? There is no point. It'll just cost you more and offer nothing in return. Just do it on Escrow. Easy.
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    Hi Mancar,

    The most crucial rules of thumb when buying a complete website/CB account/sales funnels would be to:

    1) hire a lawyer to create a legitimate contract for which both parties are bound for

    2) hire a third party company which can generate a full activity/legitimacy report in regards to the product/website which you're about to purchase (there are quite a few services which offer this on BHW).

    3) When purchasing a site through Clickbank ALWAYS ask for the option to either peek into their Clickbank account in real time or have them record a video in real time which they go through all the important elements/sections in their Clickbank account.

    4) Use an Escrow service in which funds would NOT be released to the seller UNTIL you or the service you hired have validated the authenticity of the data provided by the seller and that everything is legal, functioning and working.

    Back in 2010, we were stung hard by a CB vendor who sold us their account/product/sales funnel. We invested over $8K into this adventure. The seller insisted that we would not look into their CB account only AFTER the funds have been released to them (they told us that they once been scammed by a buyer who hijacked their account...).

    Why we agreed only heaven knows. But this little incident left us with a CB account with a RED risk tier (multiple chargebacks and refunds) and hardly any leverage at all (the seller guaranteed that all the data shown in his offer was true and generated by affiliates on autopilot and that he did not need to promote the product at all to reach the level of daily sales showed in his offer's screenshots).

    We had to completely revamp the product and sales funnel to normalize the risk tier. Right now, the product is worth more than gold but this little incident never left us. We would never repeat that error and hope to prevent others like you from falling into such traps.

    Hope this helps,
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