Anyone needs a custom tool or bot for arbitrage or seo?


Mar 26, 2018
I'm a little bored with my current job, I used to love making bots for eWhores, arbitrage spotters etc., now I want a bit refreshment tell me what you want if it's interesting I'll make it, if it doesn't take much time i'll make it.
Looking for a BITLY generator. Also looking for a MailerKing web interface substitute.
Looking for a BITLY generator. Also looking for a MailerKing web interface substitute.
I'm not expert with mailerking, let's look at bitly generator what do you need? I can do a console application,something like a wordpress plugin to automatically shorten links would be new for me but I can try.
If u help me with bots i will try to put some secret scauce in ewhoring
I'm not into ewhoring it sucks(I just make strategies and tools for buddies), freelancing is paying me 1.5-3K so I'm not really bothered about scamming perverts, tell me what you need if it matches with my current skillset i'll make it quick. PM/DM me if it's private;)
I would like a tool which could scrape emails for me in particular topic
If u could do that it will make my day :)
Thats exactly what I'm best at give me some details like website/app you want to scrape emails from and info about targeted audience.
Bulk outbound link checker with csv export if possible. Like it can take a bunch of domains/urls as input and output their outbound links.
Crawler is done looks fine and fast to me, you just want to know outbound link domains or complete urls?
Outbound linking domains is fine. I just needed the ability to input bulk domains at once.
Not an SEO tool but if you can do something in social media then I will request a simple scraper that scrapes the usernames from Instagram post likes.
Could you do a Reddit bot?
UpVote post with one or multiple accounts
DownVote post with one or multiple account
Schedule UpVote or DownVote task
Comment a post with one or multiple accounts
Schedule a comment task
Can you scrape google maps business listings based on keywords? It shows up on a google map with all the listings for the keyword I input. I input the short code based on the keyword + area. It keeps updates based on listings from google maps? I've been creating my maps on google but if a new business pops up on Google I have to manually enter the listing plus it doesn't show the information they provide to google it just shows address.
Hello, I need some facebook page automation, I want something that I can input specific facebook page URL/s, it should get the last 5 content (Photos, videos) uploaded and auto post to my own page.

Is this possible? I'm tired of having to go to at least 10 pages a day to repost their content, plus I never actually complete my task, I just wander off into a world of memes and cute puppies/kittens (You know how distracting the internet can be!) ;)
looks like everyone got something in mind.. but i want OP to post all the bots and everything you made on request here .. so we all can enjoy it. and again thanks buddy :)
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