Anyone know where I could get a script like this?

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    I need a script created that will allow me to show certain IP addresses and/or IP ranges one version of a link in a blog post on my site and all other IP addresses another version of the link in the same blog post in lieu of the other link. All the script needs to be is a simple piece of html or php code that I can insert inside the code of the blog post where I would like the link to be displayed.

    I need to be able to edit the script's code so that I can change the IP's/IP ranges and links myself if I choose to do so at a later date. That shouldn't be an issue since I'm okay at editing simple html/php scripts; I don't need a control panel or anything like that. I just need raw code that I can edit myself if I choose to do so later on.

    If someone here would like to throw some code together quick that can do this I'd be more than happy to +rep you!

    I can also trade for a country redirect code that I have that redirects traffic based on the country that the visitor's IP address is based in; you can add or subtract as many countries as you want.