anyone know of any good penny stock newsletters?

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by stressfree, Oct 29, 2012.

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    I know there are thousands out there.....and systems do not cut it. Does anyone know of any really good penny stock newlstters where you have made consistent money? Good picks ?

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    I don't know any good ones, but I do know you can add yourself to many of the 'paid' subscriber lists by taking a glimpse at their robots.txt and looking for something to the effect of 'thankyou' The trick is fairly common but still useful.

    A good example of this: [​IMG]

    I won't name the actual site, but the owner of the above example goes by the name James Connelly.

    IMO the only way to really make money off penny stocks is the same way these guys do: building a list of people who trust you, buying shares of a worthless company, hyping it and blasting the hype to subscribers, then selling when your trusted followers are buying. At least when your list gets big enough, some of the worthless companies will actually pay you to run the hype so all of the risk is offset. Anyway best of luck to you!