Anyone know how to do a spam e-mail semi-virus??


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Feb 9, 2008
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Hi all!

I just got suckered by a e-mail, where when I did a free sign-up, it scraped my contact list and spammed everyone on it. Here's a story from a while ago:


And it doesn't take much of a search to find lots of other sites.

My question is does anyone here know how to do this?? Is there a program/ script/ whatever that's been posted or is even available commercially to duplicate this???

Any assist will be most welcome!

Gracias! :)

Oh. I guess a followup question would be does anybody know if this is illegal?? Since its still being distributed and is a real company, I would guess that its within the law, at least for now.
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that's definitly illegal.
By the way: spamming is forbidden in almost all datacenters.
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