Anyone know commands for home networks

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    Now that we have wireless. My brother and I don't have to share a computer because I use my laptop.

    However when he is on the computer he is usually doing bandwith hogging things that make it hard for me to communicate with my clients.

    I used to have a guide on how to hack into my school network. Cant find it though. What it had in it were different commands you could put in command prompt that allow you to send messages that will appear on the screen of every computer on the network.

    I can't find that guide so I need to re figure out some of these commands. Does anyone know some like that? So I can send messages on the network and tell him to stop downloading porn? ( I want to do it through the network for 2 reasons. Its fun to mess with him. And hes a lot bigger than me and will probably give me a punch for telling him anything face to face )