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    Apr 3, 2009
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    i havent done much posting here. im a newbie without much of a track record...

    but i recently came across a site that appears to be some hacker offering virtually every great program, e-book, course, etc. for $97/month... reason i ask is because i was getting ready to shell out some big coin for a $1297 program which apparently i can get for free once i pay the $97 (i know it isnt technically free) but you get what im trying to say.

    the site is -- im not promoting it or bashing it - i was just wondring if anyone here has any experience with this guy... because i gotta admit for $97 i can get like major thousands worth of stuff if in fact he doesnt actually rob me blind and just bail with my money... is this what warez refers to? sorry if this sounds stupid to some of you - but the internet is vast and there is much to learn for someone like me who is just starting out.

    i gotta say i definitley want to pay this guy his $97 just to see if he's for real.

    just looking for some feedback before i go and get ripped off. if talking about this sort of thing is a violation then im sorry and i hope not to get banned - you guys all know your stuff and i just need some advice.

    if i do go ahead and pay the guy and he rips me off i will pass along the warning but if he's legit (as legit as a hacker can be, right?) then i will also passon that info as well.

    hope one of youhas already bought from him so you cantell me whats what!