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Anyone Know a Quick way into Dm*z?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by ogeps, Sep 4, 2008.

  1. ogeps

    ogeps Newbie

    Sep 18, 2008
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    I wondered if anyone had any experience or even contacts that might assist sites getting listed in the Dm*z directory. I for one have bashed my head against a brick wall with no success and yet there are some absolutely crap site in the most inappropriate categories.

  2. groove

    groove Newbie

    Sep 19, 2008
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    Check getafreelancer and scriptlance. I've seen a lot of people bid on projects asking for guaranteed DMOZ listing. Be prepared to pay some $$$ though.
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  3. Laser

    Laser Jr. VIP Jr. VIP Premium Member

    Apr 29, 2008
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    I keep reading it's no longer worthwhile.
    used to be, but not now.
  4. delmages

    delmages Junior Member

    Jul 24, 2008
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    Northern Michigan
    I am not sure a "quick" way into DM0Z exists. However, I did find an article that may prove useful for you. The author alleges to have been an editor for the site. Perhaps these tips can point you in the right direction.

    I hope to offer a few DM0Z tips. As many of you seem to be interested 
    in getting listed. As a former editor for 2 years with DM0Z I can share what I 
    learned, these are just my findings and not policy of DM0Z.
    [B]CONTENT!!![/B] Each editor looks for content, the website must provide 
    something useful which is not in cookie cutter format. The content needs to 
    be valuable to the majority. Websites need to offer visitors something of value.
    Websites consisting of: ads, links to other websites, affiliate links, affiliate ads, 
    lots of advertising (more than 2 small ads per page), off site links, spelling errors, 
    poor grammar, long download times (more than 20 seconds), broken links, 
    bad words, hatred, vulgarity, racism, links to porn, poor web design, lots of 
    animated .gifs (more than 1 per page), huge page sizes that require left to 
    right scrolling, any pop up ads, huge photos, too many photos, forced 'add to 
    favorite' script, forced 'join our newsletter' script, any forced script, any script 
    that changes a visitors web browser in any way, activeX anything, redirect of 
    any kind, incorrect page title, incorrect page description, irrelevant key words, 
    key words that are spammed (appear more than once), hidden script, hidden text, 
    CONTENT. IF you have 1 or more of any of the above and I'm sure I left quite a few 
    out - you will not be listed.
    [B]LINKS to other websites:[/B] create a separate links page for them.
    Affiliate links or ads: try hiding them through a CGI bin, many shareware sites got 
    listed that way. Avoid large banner ads or more than 2 small ones per page. If you do 
    have a large banner ad, place it at the very top of the page so web visitors can easily 
    scroll down to avoid seeing it. If you can't hide them - REMOVE them.
    [B]Web design:[/B] Each page needs to be complete with proper title, description, key 
    words. Avoid advertising of any kind within these or repeat of any words ( IE: we have 
    the best shareware ever!!!!!!!! or Digital audio music shareware - we have the best 
    music shareware) No broken links of any kind, NO under construction pages - period! 
    If a page is not ready - don't link to it. Under construction pages are very bad web 
    design and provide NO content.
    [B]Commercial websites do get listed:[/B] Provide SIMPLE direct information avoid 
    massive marketing, avoid lots of advertising, good navigation for every page, no pop 
    ups of any kind, no forced browser changes, no Active X script. Provide valid 
    contact information - more the better. Provide a PRIVACY STATEMENT-many sites 
    don't, bad decision on their part. Avoid multiple payment options; this looks like your 
    more interested in money than providing CONTENT of value to a web visitor. Provide a 
    CONTACT page listing your name, address, telephone number, FAX number, 
    email address, Business License Numbers if you have them. Be honest - if an 
    editor suspects anything other than honesty and true content of value, you may 
    not be listed or you will be left in limbo for a long time.
    Poor web design such as more than 1 animated .gif and more than few photos - don't 
    do it. Optimize any images to a smaller file size for faster downloading (less than 20 
    seconds for a web page via a 28.8K modem !!) Don't overlap anything on the page. 
    Use proper language, avoid slang.
    [B]Contact Info:[/B] provide valid working email address or provide name/address, 
    FAX number if your a business. Respond quickly to your emails, letters and FAX, it 
    may be a DM0Z editor testing to see if they work. Form email are OK (I use them) 
    but some editors think your trying to hide something.
    DM0Z will not allow multiple listings for a domain, nor will they allow mirror websites. 
    The top domain is really all you need, if that is properly listed, you should be happy! 
    It is not necessary to list individual pages, for they wont be listed anyway. If found 
    by a 'nit picker' of an editor who searches other categories, they will remove the 
    listing. Yes - editors can go through any category they want, and can edit a listing! 
    They choose the category they want to edit but are not restricted to stay in that one 
    Search engines using DM0Z only need to find the top domain page, good ones like 
    Google use a spidering search engine which will find any pages you have linked to your 
    top domain. Some engines are not that "techy", they do require separate listings to find 
    pages, (My guess is that's how they plan on making money). If your really that 
    concerned, then pay them to submit each page of your website.
    [B]ONE MORE tip:[/B] KEY WORDS - Once listed with the above engines, add relevant 
    key words first, less relevant afterward. ALSO add misspelled keywords as well. IE: 
    'mp3 to wav converter' - also list it as 'coverter' You would be surprised to know how 
    many internet users misspell words, especially when doing a search!!!
    A general rule is you can resubmit to DM0Z about every six months any sooner will be 
    interpreted as spamming and you are assured not to be listed. An email to the editors 
    of the category you submitted to may provide a clue as why your not listed that is if 
    you have not been designated as a spammer or affiliate website. Most emails I 
    received were demanding, rude, not very well written or not very polite, the result 
    was they received no answer.
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  5. ogeps

    ogeps Newbie

    Sep 18, 2008
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    Thanks to those who answered!:)
    It can be a real pain waiting on someone who probably doesn't check their emails very often. Even worse if there's no editor for the category at all.

    I think on balance it probably is worth getting in just because of the Google connection.