anyone know a adult site that accepts BH traffic?

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by halifax123, Sep 23, 2010.

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    hey roomates,

    I have a female landing/blog page trying to get guys to sign
    up for a date site, it has an area
    on the page that I can stick an iframe in where the surfer
    thinks he's going to "meet" this female

    I also have a female "massage" blog, same thing with an area
    that I can stick an iframe in as well

    the iframe size is about 450x500 (or greater hieght up to 900), just enough
    to get a "join form" info to display so they can start to fill out info
    like "email, username, zip...." a few pieces of info and of course
    then that takes them to the advertisers page to fill out the CC info

    anyone know of any adult advertiser that will accept this type of traffic?

    was looking for a "dating" affiliate, but at this point I'll take just about
    anything as long as they are ok with the traffic type

    (my current advertiser seems to be having some
    issues, so I'm looking around)

    thanks !