Anyone into SaaS?

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    In the past year, I have been working on a SaaS (Etools), and there has been a lot of things which I've learnt, and many more which I still haven't :)

    I was thinking, if we could have a mastermind group solely for SaaS founders/executives to share thoughts, ask questions, etc, it'd be very helpful to everyone involved really.

    I have done so many mistake that could've been avoided if there was such a group to consult with, and I believe it's the same for other founders as well.

    We can use Skype for this, and perhaps also Whatsapp at a later stage.

    If you're interested in joining, add me on Skype @ shadi.halloun1 - Please include in the message a few details about you, so we can pick 4-5 people for a start.