Anyone into Real Estate? Considering Getting Licensed...

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    Hey everyone, I hope there are some of you out there that are into real estate that could possibly offer me some advice.

    WARNING: teal deer ahead. Cliffs Notes: I have a little knowledge of the niche and some helpful skills, is it worth it?

    I spent a few years REALLY struggling and am in a better place now financially, but am looking to diverse my work this time into something that may fare better long term. The IM i'm doing now is really easy, but since I am always on the hustle for new avenues, sources, methods etc., i'm working at least 14 hour days, daily. That's no joke. I've done that for years though, I'm not allergic to work, I just feel that I could be making more with my time. I now have the financial means to get licensed for real estate sales, which is something I've considered in the past.

    Personal pros: I have experience in offline marketing as well as online marketing, have been successful making and marketing my own products as well as marketing for businesses and it seems that a lot of real estate work is marketing, is it not? (serious question). I also have a good deal of graphics knowledge and experience under my belt, which may also come in handy. I have a strong side interest in real estate and have helped source properties for myself, family and friends as well and I have working up-to-date knowledge of things like covenants, plat maps, mls searches, finding property owners, common local property laws, liens and so forth. I have an insane amount of hustle muscle, am easy with all types of people and don't mind paperwork. I've decent grammar skills and attention to detail. I live in a state currently experiencing massive growth and there's not really that much quality competition around, in any area of business. Housing prices here are high. I'm also a female and not a horrible looking one at that. Not to be sexist or anything, but come on, those real estate ads always have some weatherwoman-looking broad with perfect hair and a big smile, right? Who wants to buy a house from Shrek? But I digress...

    Personal cons: I am not good with math, at all. I am far from a moron though and can figure the shit out with a calculator. How bad is the math involved? I also do not have a local mentor and have no clue about where to learn about the trade. I also don't know anything about working with banks. And I mean, anything. My gramps was a mafia bookie and always said to deal in cash. I don't know anything about the details of loans, mortgages or credit. ANYTHING. A slight upside is that I do have a few upper contacts at some banks locally, but I don't know if that's worth anything. A bigger upside is that I learn quickly, like most of us here that have made money at IM do.

    I have heard it's a hard niche to break into. I'm not looking to become an overnight thousandaire and I have other work I can do to supplement this, but I'd like to know just how hard it is.

    Any advice greatly appreciated...