Anyone interested in working with me? Opportunity to make lots of $$$$

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    Im looking for a partner who would like to work with me.

    All the projects that we would be working with would be dealing with internet marketing and advertising on sites. (social networks, other methods to get traffic..etc)

    I can get any kind of desktop project coded. It will be top notch. All projects will be made in .NET. Multi threads, proxy support, decaptcher support. I will cover the costs of the projects. I will take care of dealing with the programmer and helping with you with whatever so we can have successful projects and make lots of $$$$.

    im looking for someone who has knowledge in finding profitable methods, that can make atleast $100 a day. You have to come to me with details why you think this project will be successful and show me any data/stats showing that the method is indeed profitable.

    Like for example you can get webdombot, and test all the methods in that program and come back to me with which sites were profitable and we can get started in making it making it more fast/advanced and fully automated. Or you can just go some research on and find other potential profitable sites that we can market on.

    We can work on many projects together. I will fund all the projects. And you will get a copy of the program as well.

    Your job would be researching and finding profitable methods and we could discuses it and go from there.

    Please no newbies. You must be a hard worker and must have knowledge about internet marketing.

    Please Contact me Via PM, aim or skype

    (thats a zero in both my aim and skype.)

    aim: i b s0ber
    skype: s0berz