Anyone interested in a 50/50 split on my website? Most of the work is already done...

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    Jan 29, 2012
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    Hey there guys,

    Basically, I have a website (Doctorpothead (search it on google, because i can't post links here yet) ).

    Essentially, it's a website helping medicinal marijuana patients. It's got some useful, and interesting articles, which I update quite frequently. I've found a perfect advertising network, which posts marijuana related adverts. I'm getting around 400 impressions per day, but my conversion rate isn't that good. I have a FaceBook page, and a YouTube channel (with over 350 subscribers).

    I basically need some help from someone with SEO, and some basic touch up's around the website. The site itself is a great opportunity, because medicinal marijuana is still a small area for business, and there are many keywords which can be SEO'd with very low levels of competitors. Another reason this site has potential, is because of my friendly tone, and flow of articles; I've been told that all of my information, and videos are extremely helpful!

    I'm more than willing to split the profits 50/50 with a partner!

    PM me, or post back here, i don't mind. ;)