Anyone here play poker?

pink princess

Nov 9, 2008
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Just curious if anyone here plays poker?

I love Texas Holdem and used to play online til they banned my country. I live 4 hours away from a casino so i am lucky if I get to play once a month..

After I pay off a few more bills I'm hoping to go back to Las Vegas for a couple days.

No clue why I actually made this thread other than curious to see if there was any other poker players out there.:p
Poker is fun.. I tilt like hell at the lower levels though :)

You can play still whatever country your in.

Well I can play for free online ya but not for money.

I guess I could but they make it harder to deposit now so not worth my time.
I play occassionally on Betfair & SkyPoker. Got into the WSOPE semi's through satellites one time but got knocked out 20 places from the prizes (Seats to final). :(
Im selling 5 million chips for $40, 10 mil for $70 or 20 mil for $120 via eBay or PayPal. :)
it sucks to get knocked out right before winning something great lol. I got my first royal flush my 2nd time to vegas and I won like 20 dollars in the hand.

Ad july i dont get your post?
when we play poker we use to play with chips,right?
So, i am selling chips. ^_^ that's all. nah, just don't mind me . :)
IMO poker is quite fine that i allways lose in the end :D Well i can do ok with those low 1-3$ sit'n'go with 6 player but well if you play them 1 at time you wont get rich :D but ofc you can get more skill and get to higher level

ie. you can't expect to get to CPL finals if you started playing games yesterday
I used to play poker all the time hoping i could make a living out of it but i always ended going on tilt so now just for fun on v1rgin poker room once a week.
I play alot now at fulltilt in my spare time.

Used to play online for my bills at Pokerstars too
I play online at fulltilt. I just got into poker in lets sayyyyy the last year or so. I wouldn't play for more than $20 cash I'm no superstar yet..but oneeeee dayyyy.....
hmm, I heard there was a way to play online even in the States, does anyone know how to do this? I want to play online poker again and the real deal too.

I play some mean poker... I play in Second Life right now, and it is underground, but I win a few bucks here and there.
i used to play alot last year after school. won some good money, but now dont really have people to play with.
i played live games a lot before i started going to school. i love it but it can be expensive, the games in casinos are realllyy soft sometimes though.
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