Anyone here friends with the fiverr customer services team? Help needed!

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    Hey guys and girls. Love BHW and although I'm new here I actually have a reason for joining the forums.
    I started offering music services and my own artistic gigs on Fiverr and without even noticing one day the orders came in..and in.
    My Business turned to a $3000 revenue business in 4 months, in 8 months I was a top rated seller on Fiverr.
    Then one day I got hit with the dreaded 'account disabled' message. I contacted support who told me someone had filed a claim that I did not own some of the images used as my gig example images. When I replied to Fiverr politely stating I had a copyright certificate on my work and the images, which i did own anyway. They told me the only way they would reinstate my account was if the original complainant dropped their complaint even though they acknowledged I had a copyright certificate. I contacted them again and the tickets always say 'awaiting your response' but there is no response from Fiverr. I've tried contacting Fiverr via Twitter, Facebook and even writing to them.
    Now what's worse is my girlfriend is pregnant and I've lost a top rated account..

    :( Can anyone help me?
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