Anyone hear work with contractors? designing sites for them and other

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    I sent about 10 emails last night to contractors I found on craigslist that didn't have a website or a bad one. I emailed them through the ad on craigslist I got 0 responses back.

    I made my email sound like a real person not a marketer or robot.

    Title: Man you do excellent work! I have a question

    Subject: Hi my name is Ed I'm a contractor myself and I also design websites.
    I noticed you have a website but in my opinion it does not match the professional work that you do. If you are interested I can create a professional looking website for you.

    I charge a very fair price of $200.

    If you are interested let me know.

    thank you have a great day!

    I know it sucks lol maybe i should take more time to craft a real message. I just threw that message together just to do a test to see if i get a bite.

    Has anyone here made any sales strictly just emailing? I'm thinking lots of contractors are old school and don't really care about websites and if they do have one it's good enough for them.
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    Leave the price out of the mail. Charge them based on how big their business is, and what they need on their website.
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    that is right, it is going to work!