Anyone having problems with buyproxies to work with Scrapebox?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO Tools' started by DevilHands, Jun 8, 2016.

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    Not sure where to put this so here it goes...
    I love their customer service. They respond in minutes! Right out of the box however their Semi-Dedi proxies aren't working to scrape Google. They gave me a new set which went dead a few hours later even if I set 20 second delay at 1 thread.

    They had admitted that for some reason, even their fresh set of proxies aren't working with them for scrapebox. They gave me a new set which did work during my complaint. So I just turned off scrapebox, had a sleep, woke up. Tried it again and a lot of those aren't working in google again. :(

    I don't want to open another ticket. They've been really nice this whole time giving me support. I might just use other search engines to scrape but do other proxy providers have this problem as well?
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    They are working for me and I have a few hundred. Their proxies are rotated thru a lot of users and the more a ip gets banned the faster it gets banned. You need more then 20 second delay if you only have a few.

    I have 50 proxies from them at 11 second delay and I can literally scrape for weeks at a time straight with no issues.

    How many proxies do you have?