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    im wondering about they are big been around and do a lot of promoting and even rep management wouldnt be surprised if they lurk here, so i have a client who when he was using my services he used them, they give him 10 keywords a month for $100 , my thing is the first week he was on it he got mad sales then boom thats it, now his ppc is on like the 3rd page when he called up they were like yeah it jumps in the beginning then it stabilizes, when he called on the phone before he joined they said they give him UNLIMITED CLICKS, then after he saw nothing happened the last 3 weeks they changed story,

    this is what i know about them

    there strictly ppc
    pretty big - so so reputation
    you get an admin where u put your 10 keywords and make 1 ad
    they do the rest

    but they offer no click stats ! , and they advertise and say you dont pay per click

    so then what are they doing? just using half the budget? are they using free coupons per customer to give an illusion at the beginning?

    just want to know there story cause the dude spent $100 on there ppc and got 3k in sales in a week thats a pretty good deal to me!