Anyone have experience with EXPEDIA the travel site's affiliate program?

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    I have a travel website.

    There are different forums. e.g. like a forum on "Honolulu, Hawaii", "Phoenix, Arizona", etc.

    I want to make it so that, on the HONOLULU page, I can have a button that says "CLICK HERE FOR HOTELS" and a list of HONOLULU hotels will come up.

    e.g. i think what i need is an affiliate hotel program with an API...

    This is the Expedia Travel API page

    Here is their example website|cities&lang=en_US&currency=USD

    you can see it generates (i think) pretty much what I need...

    I have never implemented an API like this though.

    Anyone got any experience in expedia affiliate program - or would recommend another one?



    ah: Just realized that Expedia owns : Expedia, Inc | | | Tripadvisor | Hotwire | AgentRez | Cheap Flights


    I guess that kinda narrows down my search then...
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