Anyone have experience with an online games site?

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    Oct 29, 2011
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    Hey guys, well recently i invested in my own MNS, and to my surprise i popped up 4th on google for my main keyword. This was without any content, backlinks, nothing, zilch at all.
    So i think i might be able to reach position one very quick or easily. But the problem is users who search the keyword are looking to play games, instead of what the actual term refers to i.e. basketball sneakers, they arent really looking for basketball sneakers, but for a games site instead.
    So this is what i have done, i have setup wordpress on the domain, i am going post blogs to improve my onsite SEO, this should boost me to the top 3.

    However, i also want to give the users what they came for, ie online games, thats why i was looking for help in terms of hosting online games. What i have done right now, is set up a seperate games page, created a nofollow link directly to a game off an online games site. However when they click the link they go to that site which is hosting the game ie miniclip. Is there anything i can do?? All help would be appreciated