Anyone have expereince with SyndicateKahuna


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May 3, 2007
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Is it worth adding to your blogs for content?

On average how many post can you look for daily?

All feedback, good and bad is welcome.
I began using Unique Article Wizard and after some days I didn't receive any article. I began using SyndicateKahuna with the same keywords/cathegory and I have been receiving articles since 20 days ago.
The articles you will receive depend on first, what you set up and second, the available articles with the keywors you have chosen. Anyways if you want to pass as a normal blog post about 1 or 2 posts for day.
Something about RSS content, Aren't they duplicate content to Google? Anybody making traffic or money with RSS content? please share. thanks
It doesn't matter about dup content, its not as if Google punishes for that. it just dislays which it believes to be the most relevant or highest authority site displaying the content. Don't worry so much about dup content. you can still outrank the content owner.
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