Anyone got paid from Hydra today?


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Jan 24, 2009
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It's strange, they usually are on time, but they delayed it this month for October's earnings.

Anyone got paid today?
the 15th was on a sunday obviously but did you call your AM?
Yes, 15th was Sunday, but Monday 16th already passed, obviously.
I got paid from other networks today, but not Hydra,
that's why I was wondering.
I'd call your AM, maybe they are requesting a w9 or ID and are withholding payment for that, it's happened to me.
I already submitted all tax forms, but will have to call tomorrow morning.
I just wanted to ask others in here, if anyone got paid from Hydra, so if I'm the only one who did not get paid, then I should be worried.
I got paid from Hydra. I have ACH so my money hits my account on the next business day, which was Tuesday since payments went out on Monday. Did you call your AM & find out what happened?
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