Anyone good with law about credit card frauds?


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Sep 21, 2009
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I just reallized some asshole spent 400$ on poker site with my credit card, i sent them email and they say they are not able to issue refund.

They have my money, that is stolen from me, they got my money from a jackass thief and yet they say they are not going to issue any refund.

What would you do about this? Any experiences on what you can advice? Please do
I would contact your CC company and inform them of the fraudulent activity, and notify them that the company that accepted the payment is unwilling to cooperate and let them handle it.
thanks m8, yeah thats what i am going to do, sons of bitches just say they dont give a fuck even they know they hold something that is stolen! I am still not sure what are my chances of getting money back tho :(
You get the money back from your cc company.
Trust me.

Exactly, most CC companies provide Recovery Assistance which recovers your provable losses due to fraudulent activity, good luck.
Yeah just submit a dispute with your credit card company. The will ask you a few quesions like how you found about it. If you are a member of the site etc. Then they will read some legal stuff talking bout making false claims and stuff after that you get your money back in a few days
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