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Anyone get into traffjunction value area?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by digital, Jul 25, 2008.

  1. digital

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    Mar 11, 2008
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    Look they are taunting you with it:
    "Tra}ffic Jun#ction is one of the largest pub*lisher/affi*liate businesses today. ... we use our pro{prie}tary cut[ting-ed=ge tech., cre*ative o*nline mkting pro(grams to deli)ver cus_tomers to ma-ny of the wor[l]d?s to+p bra+nds.

    ... we cho-ose to ser-ve an-d wo-rk on-ly wi-th th-e to-p bra-nds in ea-ch sec-tor.

    To prot/ect the inte/rests of our ... clie/nts, as we/ll as our ow/n lea/der/ship pos\ition, we bel\ieve it is our du\ty to -lim-it acc-ess- to ..pro\ven tech. & methods that we have pain\stak\ingly de\ve\loped and refine with con>sider>able suc>cess. ... acc?ess to all the info. on our sy?stem?s and pro?ces?ses is avai?lab?le up?on invi?tat?ion only.

    ? If you a^re one of our sele^ct pa^rtners that have re`ceiv`ed an invi`tat`ion, ent.er yo.ur unl.ock co.de to un.ea.rth the Tra{ffi.c Jun{ction val{ue."

    It seems to be a pretty weak script that is preventing you 'unearthing the value' so...
    Up and at 'em.