Anyone familiar with Senuke, Scrapebox, Backlink Booster can give me help w/ technique?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO Tools' started by urbancyborg, Aug 20, 2010.

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    Using these programs what is the best strategy for easy keywords and how would that differ with more difficult keywords. Im targeting a competitive market with over 1400 related keywords ranging in difficulty, (my own supplement product on my own site) im trying to target 1 keyword per day and perhaps if time allows go back and work on keywords already promoted towards the end of the day.

    1. with Senuke when spinning an article, is 30% unique sufficient or is 50% or more necessary now? Should I be writing 1800 to 2000 word articles so that when they are spun (and 50% of the text is randomly removed), a new and different 900 word article with greater than 50% uniqueness still remains?
    I am currently submitting approximately one article per keyword phrase per day to all ?SEnuke? article and blog directories. In addition, I am also submitting these articles to various other press release type sites and attempting to raise their visibility via the social bookmark nuke, RSS Nuke, Profile Nuke, as well as Ping Nuke, all in the same day.
    The question is would longer intervals between submitting the articles and bookmarking be more appropriate and/or effective/necessary? Also, should I be profile-linking keyword phrases ranked as ?very easy? or ?easy?, or is this practice considered overkill?
    should I be posting to fewer article directories when articles are based on keyword phrases ranked as ?easy?? Also, how important are the Back Link Booster and/or Scrapebox programs when added to or complementing the primary effort with SEnuke? on easy keyword/ on difficult keyword?
    As to article composition, should any size article be actual, comprehensive and informative, or will a large of volume of somewhat disconnected and disjointed sentences (albeit individually subject-worthy) be sufficient?
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    Urbancy, you should search the SENuke forums. They have an answer to all of your questions.