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Anyone Experienced in Law that can help me write a witness testimony?

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by korfx04, May 24, 2014.

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    Feb 27, 2009
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    My uncle rents out homes on his property. There is currently 5 Renters.. 2 renting his house and 2 renting the apartments and 1 renting a trailer. We have our own home on this property, but it's ours that we had built years and years ago. We just pay the property tax.

    Last year this lady and her two kids showed up at my uncle home begging him to rent her out the trailer because she and her kids had no place to go. He was going to have it tore down because every person that he rented it out too (well besides two) always were trouble, so at 90 years old he just cant deal with it anymore.

    She informed him that she had two kids. Well, he never rents out the trailer if they would be more than 2 people staying there because the well can not handle all the people that is on well. This time he made an exception because the girl was in tears and he didn't want the kids to stay living in the car. He specifically told her that she could not have anyone else living there with them.

    That night, my uncle drove up to the trailer with her and her kids and showed her the place and gave them the key. My uncle was going to have someone come out that week and fix the living room wall plug because it didn't work, but she told him that she would have it done for letting her rent the trailer (she never did). Later that week, he sent out the a company to service the AC so it would be in good working condition (it never kept the trailer that cold to begin with).

    The next day after she paid the deposit, she moved in her boyfriend and two more kids (now there is a total of 6 people living there, when there is not supposed to be no more that 3). That made my uncle furious, but he looked the other way. She cleaned her yard (cut the grass, raked etc..) the first week she moved in, after that she had not touched it even though she knew that it was part of the deal. Her grass was waist high at one point. It was like a jungle. There was little trees starting to grow in the yard. About two a week ago right before my uncle was informed that she was taking him to court she cut the front yard, and clean up most of the trash in front of the trailer (i wounder why?), however the backyard is still overgrown where he would have to hire a landscaper (probably me) to fix it because it is ruined..

    She had Trash piled in front of the trailer nearly as high as the trailer, she was told numerous times to clean it up but she did not. We had to pick up trash in our own yard because it blew down here from up there.

    She removed an expensive oak TV cabinet from the trailer and sit it outside in the weather where it's now ruined from water damage. She was told when she was shown the trailer NOT to remove the TV cabinet from the trailer, but she did anyways.

    Her and her company went trough the yard tearing up the yard making it a muddy mess. One night i heard them spinning for 15mins trying to get out. The only thing they had to do is back up and go up their asphalt driveway. She was told twice not to drive trough the yard, but she did it any ways.

    I was at my uncles trying to fix his leaky sink when her boyfriend called him and told them that the heat was not working. Me and my uncle jumped in the truck and rode out to the trailer, when i exited the truck i noticed on the gas meter it has been shut off because they did not pay the bill.

    A week or two after that she called my uncle that the toilets were clogged up. We went up there to try to unclog them but it didn't work. He called out the septic people and the lines were clogged with kotex, condoms and even a few kid toys!!!! That was the finally straw, and when she came down to pay her rent (she did pay rent on time) my uncle told her to keep it and told her that he would give her 2 months so she could find her a new place to go. He gave her 3 months rent free so she could save money and find a new place to go!!! most renters are not going to do that!!!

    She cried and tried to blame it on the person that use to live there.........for one, it was in the lines..... two, it was a single male so i doubt he would have any need for kotex and kid toys!

    After the second month my uncle had to have her served but she refused to move, than out of the blue my uncle received court papers and she said that she doesn't no why she was being kicked out, that he broke the lease contract (there was no contract.) that the air conditioner didn't work right and he would fix the plug in the living room so they had to run a drop cord. That he wouldn't fix anything that tore up. He had 6 renters that are all family and he would do for them and wouldn't for her. That's a lie... I'm family and i don't pay rent, just taxes.... and his grandson doesn't pay rent. the others are not family.

    Every time she called, he ran up there to she whats wrong. If it wasn't for my uncle calling me having me to go check the well everyday to keep air in the tanks, she wouldn't have had any water because they were constantly using it nearly draining the well.

    I took pictures of the back yard, the TV cabinet out in the yard and the yard where they tore it up. Does anyone think my uncle has a leg to stand on here? I need to write a witness testimony because i'm not going to be here on the court date.

    You think my uncle should turn around a sue for 3 months lost rent? ($350 x 3 = $1050.00).
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