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Anyone expeirenced with content locking? I need a piece of software but can't find at ALL.

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by BlackAndYellow, Oct 22, 2014.

  1. BlackAndYellow

    BlackAndYellow Registered Member

    May 29, 2013
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    I spent hours searching this, but can't quite seem to find what I want.
    I figured I might as well ask here before hiring someone to do it, money is tight atm.

    What I need is not that simple, or maybe it is.

    Traffic is going to a website, in 1000s a day, they click on a link and get referred to a "reward" can be a free ebook, or anything really.
    BUT the network can't know that is incentive, and where the traffic is coming from (main site).

    So it needs to cloak the main website, where the traffic is coming from, and redirect after completion of the content lock BUT ONLY when they came from the main site.
    (Or something else, that will be able to do this)

    The content locker also needs to:
    Be able to store A LOT (20+) of offers I put in.
    Show offers based on country
    Show offers based on platform (mobile / desktop)
    Show offers based on OS (iOS / Android)
    Show multiple offers if it's an app install (3-5)

    But also take this in mind:
    A random user clicks the link from the main website, content locker determines his location has no offer.
    Now the content locker must show an offer that works for every country based on the platofrm (mobile / desktop).
    Usually these are lower paying offers, so the content lockers MAY ONLY show these when there is NO DIRECT OFFER for their country.

    So this should be the thought process:

    Link is clicked -> (cloak if it's needed) -> new page opens, loads content locker -> content lockers determines this is a user from the US -> Content locker determines this is a mobile user -> Content locker determines this a user on a Android device -> Content lockers now shows app installs (3-5 different ones) for Android, US -> User installs app -> content locker checks if user has come from main site -> if yes; redirect to reward page, else; close content locker and show blank page.

    IF the content lockers determines the country does not have any offers, it shows an non-targeted offer based on platform (desktop / mobile)
    This can be any offer, usually lower paying and not an app install.
    This offer CAN NOT be shown when there targeted offers available for the country.

    Sorry for covering some points twice, but I wanted to make it clearer.
    If anyone could help me out that'd be GREAT!

    Thanks in advance!